The son and presumptive heir of a British criminal clan (Michael Fassbender) comes into conflict with the family patriarch (Brendan Gleeson) when he tries to break away from the outlaw life.


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Trespass Against Us

Adam Smith

Trespass Against Us begins at high velocity, in a beat-up Subaru chasing a rabbit through open fields, immediately thrusting us into a world where speed and strength settle scores and the law does not apply.

Chad Cutler (Michael Fassbender) is the man at the wheel. Part of a notorious clan of outlaws led by his criminal father (Brendan Gleeson), Chad struggles to instill good values in his children, as the elder Cutler praises bad behaviour over good and lets brawn rather than brains rule the day. Chad seeks opportunities to integrate into the "settled" community — his kids go to the local school, and he takes them swimming at the public pool. But when he attempts to leave the collection of trailers where he grew up and rent an apartment in town, the landlord refuses his money, fearing the violent repercussions of Chad's kinfolk. Despite his desire to free himself of his father's controlling grasp, Chad agrees to go along with his latest heist plan. When tensions between the Cutlers and local law enforcement finally come to a head, loyalties are put to the ultimate test.

As daring as it is heartfelt, music-video director Adam Smith's feature debut brings the life of an outsider community to the screen in all its texture and detail. Embracing the role of the antihero, Fassbender makes Chad someone you want to root for despite his repeated fuck-ups and less-than-refined manner.

With a pulsating original score by The Chemical Brothers, the film drives us through a gripping series of events that lead to its emotional conclusion. Trespass Against Us is not just a film about a family of outlaws; it's a film about family itself.



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