At the Festival in support of her magnificent performance in Kleber Mendonça Filho’s Aquarius, the multi-faceted Brazilian-American actor joins us for an intimate conversation about her vibrant career, during which she's carried her commanding screen presence from South American soaps to international cinema.


In Conversation With...

In Conversation With... Sonia Braga

Brazilian-born actress Sônia Braga possesses a singular grace and intelligence that transcend culture and language. Perhaps best known for her bravura tripartite performance opposite Raul Julia and William Hurt in the late Héctor Babenco's Kiss of the Spider Woman, Braga commands the screen, at once dangerously captivating and deeply mysterious.

Yet her latest role possesses a very different sort of power; it's a thoughtful character study not commonly found in onscreen roles for women. Kleber Mendonça Filho's Aquarius, screening at the Festival, stars Braga as Clara: earthy, articulate, and a formidable opponent for the film's arrogant, ruthless antagonists.

Braga's career is varied and illustrious, encompassing beloved television shows like Sex and the City and Alias, as well as films by such legendary directors as Nicolas Roeg, John Frankenheimer, and Robert Redford. We are honoured to have Braga here for an in-depth onstage conversation about her inimitable body of work.



Mon Sep 12

Glenn Gould Studio