A slick serial seducer bets his friends that he can bed three old flames in six weeks, in this risqué comedy from the director of the smash hit Wives on Strike.


City to City

Okafor's Law

Omoni Oboli

The law that drives When Harry Met Sally... says that straight men and women can't be just friends. Okafor's Law argues that once friends get benefits, those benefits last for life. Rooted in the eternal lessons of lust, this saucy romantic comedy further establishes Omoni Oboli as Nigeria's answer to Nancy Meyers and Lena Dunham.

Terminator (Blossom Chukwujekwu) is known by his best friends Fox and Baptist to be a successful serial seducer, but even they are shocked when he ends up in bed with an old flame right after her engagement ceremony to another man. It's Okafor's Law, Terminator explains. Once there's a strong sexual spark between two people, it never dies; they can rekindle it even though wives or husbands seem to stand in the way. Prove it, his friends demand. And so the challenge begins.

Baptist (Gabriel Afolayan) and Fox (Ken Erics) name three women that Terminator must re-seduce within six weeks: a churchgoing banker, a workaholic businesswoman, and the second wife of a rich, neglectful husband. The stakes? Valuable shares in a farm, and Terminator's status as king of the machos.

Omoni Oboli, whose last film Wives on Strike was one of this year's biggest Nollywood hits, has struck a chord with audiences by cutting straight to the heart of the romantic and sexual games men and women play with one another. As we watch Terminator scheme to get the three women back into bed purely to impress his friends, Oboli reveals some uncomfortable truths about her characters.

Featuring a sharp script and a delightful cast who know how to have fun with the material, Okafor's Law is a risqué delight.



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